Project Description

Solais House is office building located at Strathclyde Business Park and is a sustainable showcase building achieving BREEAM EXCELLENT status.

The client’s goal was to create the ideal comfort condition to enable peak occupier production efficiency. By introducing realistic sustainable technologies, the investment will bring long term financial and environmental benefits. Skyline Air Conditioning were asked to investigate a sustainable geothermal solution to provide energy efficient hot water for the purposes of office space heating plus ‘free’ cooling to a chilled beam circuit.

Firstly a test bore hole was created to establish the existence and quantity of natural water available underground. Then the working bore hole was formed which provides Ground water at a near constant 11OC from the submerged pump. The bore water is pumped through a heat exchanger and discharged to the adjacent River Calder whilst the heat pump system uses the water source to generate low grade hot water at 45OC.



“Skyline were able to evaluate the potential for an open loop borehole application to provide a sustainable source of energy for a low carbon heat pump system”.





Skyline engineered a bespoke controls system which monitors the various system parameters and regulates water flows and temperatures to produce the optimum operating conditions. Skyline has remote access to this intelligent control system to allow off site analysis and performance monitoring.

In all Skyline provided;

  • System principle design and drawings
  • Aquifer analysis and test bore hole drilling
  • SEPA (EA Scotland) and Scottish Water approvals
  • Test data analysis & reports for a sustainable solution
  • Working bore hole, pipework, pumps & heat exchangers
  • Water to water packaged heat pump systems
  • Refrigerant leak detection system and monitoring
  • Controls system with remote dial up for off site access
  • Testing, commissioning and planned preventative maintenance

The design and installation was managed by Skyline’s Northern office based in Greater Manchester. Skyline’s ability to deliver complete working systems within strict programmes was a key factor in the Solais House project.

Skyline’s level of expertise and applications skills have been in consistent demand over the years and we take particular pride in providing this low carbon solution and the environmental, economic and social benefits it brings.